From the desk of Bob Jones:


Hi All,

July 21, 2012

As the cards lie
bridge hand bridge hand

I was South and was flabbergasted by the sight of the dummy. Never-the-less, just because the contract is hopeless is no excuse for going down in it. First problem was to tackle the trump suit and play it for one loser. There are some technical chances here. Either hand might have KQ doubleton, or a doubleton 10 (plus a good guess) in the East hand. I started with a small trump from the dummy, losing to the queen from East. I ruffed the heart return and guessed to lead a small trump to the ace, and great was the fall thereon. Much to do yet, but at least I had a chance.

I was down to the singleton jack of trump, so I couldn’t ruff my last heart loser. I needed the jack to draw the last trump. I played a spade to the jack and was relieved when that held. I drew the last trump, cashed the spade ace, and for the first time I felt good about the hand. I cashed the ace and queen of clubs and crossed to the king of clubs, leaving this position:

As the cards lie
bridge hand

I cashed the last trump and squeezed East in the black suits. Whatever he discarded, I had the rest.

I have seen many card play miracles over the years, but this hand may be the most extreme. The sad part is this: As long as I keep making them, my lovely partner will continue to bid like this!