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Group Lessons with Keith Hanson and Ora Lourie

At Jourdan’s Bridge Club in Delray Beach
4801 Linton Boulevard, Suite A-16, Delray Beach 33445
(561) 498–9811

KEITH HANSON is a National Champion player and the author of “THE ART OF BIDDING”, “FINGERTIP BRIDGE”, and “BRIDGE BASICS.” Keith is co-author of “WINNING BRIDGE INTANGIBLES” with Mike Lawrence, and “CARD PLAY FUNDAMENTALS” with Easley Blackwood. Keith once taught college bridge classes for credit. His many South Florida students acclaim his methods and his easy presentation. Keith Hanson personally teaches all intermediate and advanced classes.

Ora Lourie teaches the beginner classes. Ora has vast experience teaching beginners and has run the Newcomer program at Jourdan’s for the last fourteen years.

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Beginner $100 for 6 lesson series or $20 per class & $12 book
Intermediate/Advanced $100 for 6 lesson series or $20 per class

Get 6 classes when you pay for 5 upfront!

Each class meets weekly and lasts for 2 hours. Class schedules run 6 weeks or 3 weeks. First class dates listed above!

To Register:

Complete the stub below and mail with your check payable to KEITH HANSON or ORA LOURIE at the address above - or print out and return the coupon below with your check in person. No confirmation will be mailed nor will your check be cashed until after the first class. Just come to Jourdan’s when your first class is scheduled. Call (561) 498-9811 for directions. The new site for Jourdan’s is located in the shopping mall occupying the northeast corner at the intersection of Linton Blvd. and Military Trail in Delray Beach.

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