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Membership Information

Jourdan’s offers annual memberships to interested bridge players at the cost of $80 for the first year and $75 for renewals. This is a calendar year membership from January 1 of the given year through December 31 of that year.

These memberships are only available for a 3-month period beginning November 1 of the preceding year and ending January 31 of the membership year.

There are many benefits to a Jourdan’s membership:

  1. There is a $1 discount on the card fee for all open games. This discount is not available for limited point games or other games which already have a reduced card fee.
  2. Jourdan’s gives a fabulous holiday party late each year. All members are invited as our guests for the dinner and cocktails. There will be a special bridge game after the dinner at usual club fees. Participating in the bridge game is optional.
  3. Members are included in the annual Jourdan’s Membership Directory, published by Jourdan’s once each year and distributed free to all members. This directory includes names, addresses and phone numbers of all members and club staff. This is a great reference for contacting friends at the club and for letting them contact you.
  4. Members are given preferential treatment for reservations and seat selection at the club. Despite this promise, Jourdan’s will not renege on a commitment to a non-member in order to satisfy a late request from a member (Excuse me, ma'am, but you'll have to go play East-West. A member wants to sit here. This will NOT happen).

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