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From the desk of Bob Jones:

Game Bonus

June 3, 2013

Hi All,

Here’s the follow-up to yesterday’s question. It was board 21 from last Thursday at Jourdan’s:

As the cards lie
bridge hand
The auction:
bridge auction

Many players passed, thinking it was Christmas. Perfect defence (heart lead, spade shift) would net the defenders +500, but note the vulnerability. Most defenders failed to get +500 (spade lead, OOPS!) and anyway, there was +600 available with no difficulty in 3NT. Actually, an overtrick or two is available. When you are vulnerable and the opponents are not, it is usually best just to go after your own game bonus and not worry about extracting a penalty at a low level.

A 3NT bid by South would be completely clear cut if North were not a passed hand. That is a real issue here, as we cannot be sure about partner’s strength for his re-opening double and defeating 3C will be easy, but I would still go for the game bonus and bid 3NT.

A few players e-mailed answers to this question. One of our snowbirds, perhaps enjoying an afternoon cocktail, told us that she would re-double! That would surely be best, turning +500 into +1000, but it is illegal to re-double your partner’s double.


Bob Jones

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