From the desk of Bob Jones:

Toolbox – Negative and Responsive Doubles

January 10, 2013

Hi All,

This Monday (Jan 14) I’m giving a 2-hour lesson on Negative Doubles. I will also include a discussion on Hand Evaluation: ‘The Truth About Points’. Negative doubles are used by the side that opens the bidding. ‘Responsive Doubles’ are very similar to ‘Negative Doubles’ and are used by the side that has not opened the bidding.

Look at Board 3 from Tuesday at Jourdan’s:

As the cards lie
bridge hand

It was very common for North to open 1 spade, East to overcall 2 clubs and South to raise to 2 spades. What should West do? In the Open Game, where the players are more experienced, it was common for West to Double. This ‘Responsive’ double shows enough values to compete at this level but nothing clear to bid. East was able to rebid his excellent 6-card suit. 3 Clubs was a sound contract and North-South were often pushed to 3 Spades, a contract that failed.

In the ‘Green Game’ sections, where Responsive Doubles are virtually unknown, West had no good bid and North-South were allowed to play the hand in 2 Spades.

Duplicate Bridge is a very competitive game and competitive bidding tools like Negative and Responsive Doubles are really important. Come join us this Monday for a good look at Negative Doubles.