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Welcome to Jourdan’s Bridge Club!

New Life Masters
New Life Masters at Jourdan’s Bridge Club!

Extra Points Sundays and Extra Points Wednesday Evenings!

See the August and September Special Events!

Red Points — NAP Qualifying ends August 31!

Daily Game Results

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Quiet and Relaxed Evenings of Duplicate Bridge!

Monday and Wednesday at 7PM!
  • Monday evening features a no zeroes jackpot game.
  • Come Wednesday night for fun – enjoy your bridge.
Jackpot Monday Game

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Jourdan’s – a Top 5 club!

Group Lessons at Jourdan’s – New Schedule for 2016–17 Season!

And a Gentle Introduction to Duplicate Bridge!

Go Green Game®! Go Supervised Play!

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Suspect In Morton’s Fork Coup Still At Large!

The widely circulated Goren Bridge column is written by Bob Jones. The Sun-Sentinel carries the column locally. You will see Bob around the club from time to time. Introduce yourself and pick his brain!

Link to see our columnist in Australia!

Enjoy these older columns and try the weekly quizzes!

Note that early columns omit Bob from the byline.

Private Canasta Lessons

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The Doors to Bridge!

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  • Jourdan’s is one of the largest and best attended clubs in the ACBL.
  • Besides our daily schedule of Duplicate and Rubber Bridge games, we also have one of the largest teaching schedules anywhere.
  • Our premises consist of nearly 6,000 sq.ft. of well-lit air-conditioned comfort.
  • All of our activities are conducted by experts in their field whether it's a novice game or an in-Club Sectional.
  • All game scores are posted on this website daily. Please feel free to browse the table of recent results on this page.

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